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Important 1950s Ted Williams Folk Art Trade Figure Life Size
Important 1950s Ted Williams Folk Art Trade Figure Life Size


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Recently discovered in Connecticut, a stone’s throw from Fenway. Well-accomplished by a serious carver, the quality is exceptional. Beautifully crystallized multi-color paint is 100% old and all original. The piece is 100% vintage showing a heroic Ted Williams in his prime. Carved from one giant piece of lumber it weighs 200+ pounds. Fine dance of detail with swirls to his jersey's depicting the unsolvable motion of batting. And interestingly of the man who solved perhaps best of all. Spectacular pinpoint detail from the jutting loops of his belt to his brawny arms. A masterful resemblance yet interpreted in a slightly expressionist technique, creates a larger than life figure, that is in fact LIFE SIZED (stands 75" tall NOT counting the bat). This is an icon with the looks of a Hollywood leading man/star combined with the exploits and accomplishments of an American hero. Truly Ted not just suggested, as he sports a Boston "B" in original polychrome paint on his cap and you can make out the “Boston” across his jerseys shadowed under by his .406 batting average swinging arms. The only defect is the bat is repaired, as is usually the case with appendages that are clearly "out there" on such carvings. Appears to date from the early 1950s when Ted went to Korea to serve his country and postponing the game he loved, and there was an outpouring of sentiment for "The Kid." One of the finest early baseball carvings of the 20th century we have seen or offered. ATTENTION: CUT and paste the link below to veiw the online auction where it is being offered at

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