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One Of A Kind Antiques

Jenni Ephraim


Embrace the Mid Century Modern Trend When Purchasing Your Antique Furniture

The Mid Century Modern trend is here to stay. Whether it’s the popularity of Mad Men, the nostalgia of baby boomers looking back to their childhoods and youth, or simply a desire to hunt for bargains as we pull ourselves out of the recession, it’s clear that Mid Century Modern is a look people simply aren’t tiring of. Mid Century Modern describes a very specific architectural and interior style that was popular in the period from roughly 1933 to 1965. One of a Kind Antiques currently stocks a large number of original Mid Century pieces from the 1950s and 1960s. Ideal for anyone who is looking to incorporate this theme into their existing property style. So what should you look for if you want to incorporate the Mid Century Modern trend into your own property?

Here are a few hints and tips:

Seek Authenticity

One of the best ways to get the mid-century modern look right in your own home is to be authentic: purchase original period furniture and decorate your home with original ornaments and details. If you’ve never invested in antique furniture before then now is the perfect time. The Mid Century trend is forecast to grow and increase in popularity over the next twelve months, so now is the right time to pick out some interesting and collectible pieces.  Anything Danish, or Scandinavian of origin is highly sought after by those seeking the Mid Century Modern ‘look’. Teak or walnut are the most popular finishes to be on the hunt for, as the darker furniture shades look best teamed with the bright orange, turquoise and mustard walls that are most utilized with this trend. This Mid Century Danish modern teak towel rack is a perfect example. Although towel racks have decreased in popularity over the last decade, this beautiful piece of furniture could simply be re-purposed as very stylish living room or kitchen storage instead. If you do choose to invest in some Mid Century furniture then remember to ensure your pieces are adequately protected by the right kind of contents insurance. As its value continues to rise these highly sought after Mid Century pieces are likely to become a target for trend-savvy thieves.  The occurrences of products being stolen to order in the United States has risen in the past decade, so if you tend to purchase high end or luxury furniture for your home then it will pay to keep them as safe as possible.


Add Statement Accessories

If your budget can’t stretch to original mid-century furniture, and you’re thinking of purchasing some reproduction pieces instead, then there are still ways you can add an authentic Mid Century feel to your home. Pick a couple of stand-out Mid Century accessories instead. This Mid Century Modern rosewood and brass Laurel lamp will add a Mid Century feel to almost any table, and although it would best paired with an original Mid Century side table in matching wood, it will also create a wonderful period statement on a reproduction table. You could also look in antique stores and on online auction sites for original period soft furnishings and fabrics. Fabric from the 1950s and 1960s is still readily available, and this is probably the most affordable way you can give you home a Mid Century Modern make over. Simply use this fabric to create cushion covers, curtains, or even re-cover your existing sofa and your home will have Mad Men appeal in an instant.


Do Your Research                    
Finally, if you want to get the Mid Century Modern furniture look right in your own home then it will pay to do a little research. Establish what the key furniture styles of the era were,  find out which furniture designers and pieces are most sought after (such as the Eames Lounge Chair) and discover which furniture shapes and styles will best suit the Mid Century theme you’re trying to apply to your own home. Knowing the period inside and out is the best way to hunt out the pieces you need, and it will also help you to spot a bargain piece you might not have been looking for! 


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